Alanis Morissette experimented with psychedelic drugs on her journey to find God.

The Ironic hitmaker spoke with Rolling Stone about her experience with the substances, and confessed she’s “experimented with a lot of portals to find God”.

“Some of them are temporary but still open up the window,” she shared. “I am a curious girl, so most things I would experiment with. I have a lot of friends who found that ego-obliterating experience was really powerful for them.”

Despite her endeavours, the hitmaker reflected her anxiety got in the way of any soul searching, explaining: “There’s so much information (in my head) all the time and all of it is ego-obliterating, even when I’m not medicated in any way. I definitely don’t need anything to help me go to those places.”

Alanis made the revelation while discussing her track Nemesis, which features on her forthcoming album, Such Pretty Forks in the Road. She described the deeply personal record as being centred on “one woman’s crisis”, and opened up on themes of depression, anxiety, addiction and insomnia – all of which she’s experienced.

“I just thought it intuitively doesn’t feel right to be putting a record out about one woman’s crisis when we’re in the middle of a pandemic,” the 46 year old admitted. “I got a 50-50 reaction depending upon which friend I told that information to.

“One would say, ‘Yeah, wait, please. I can’t take any more.’ And then other friends said the total opposite thing: ‘Are you kidding me? I want to lose myself in your story and in your words.'”

Such Pretty Forks in the Road is released on 31 July.