Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield has been in the limelight recently for his impressive efforts keeping New Zealand informed about Covid-19 — however, another hero has emerged.

New Zealand sign language (NZSL) interpreter Alan Wendt has shone once again, with one American expressing amazement that New Zealand is providing its deaf community with interpreters.

”Deaf Americans have sent thousands of requests for the White House to provide interpreters and have been completely ignored.”

This prompted a Kiwi to reveal that our sign language interpreters have been world-famous in New Zealand since the daily Covid-19 press conferences began, before sharing a classic moment involving Wendt.

During one press conference, Bloomfield was asked whether 5G caused the virus, and even though the Director-General’s face draws a blank, Wendt’s interpretation was priceless.

Wendt previously gained attention with his interpretation of the East Coast Wave during a press conference.