During these troubling times, I’m happy to be a New Yorker. Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love this city. For me, it’s like living in an amazing dream (although a bit of a nightmare at the moment), where anything is possible and the sense of community is strong. Over the last year or so, I’ve written A LOT of music and with the current situation, I have been inspired to write even more. I will be putting this music out in the near future and I plan on putting more of my focus towards this and other projects I have in the pipeline. It all starts today!

Written and recorded during isolation, When Will I Hold You Again is about what’s going down in all of our lives. Covid-19. This is for and about all the people around the world that can’t be with the ones they love, for the people that live by themselves, and most of all for the people of New York City.

On the song.

I asked my friend Kate Clover if she would like to sing on the track, as I felt it would help portray the sentiment better. As soon as I got her track I was stoked! She helped take it to the next level.

On the video:

My wife said “why don’t you get people to film themselves dancing in isolation and put together a video?” For me, being in isolation is not so bad, as I have a creative outlet. I liked the idea of being able to give others the chance to also do something creative and get the blood pumping, so I put word out that I needed dedicated groovers for a video and the response was great! Thank you to all the people that partook in it! Every one of the videos brought a smile to my face when watching them for the first time and wondering what to expect! Dion Lunadon / May 2020

When Will I Hold You Again is available for free on Dion’s Bandcamp page, with any donations going to City Harvest, who help feed New Yorkers in need of food. It is also available for download and streaming on all other platforms.




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