Dua Lipa is optimistic 2020 will be seen as a year that changed people’s perspective on the world.

The New Rules star spent the first few months of the pandemic in lockdown in London with boyfriend Anwar Hadid before jetting off to St Lucia to quarantine so they could head to the U.S. and see his family.

However, she’s optimistic that the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement have given people a reason to reflect on their lives, grow, and inspire change.

“The year started off with learning about patience, not living your life so fast, and being more open more accepting of the world, and treading more lightly with mother nature, the Earth and the way we live our lives,” she told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper.

“Now we’re digging a lot deeper and learning that we need to educate ourselves about the injustices that exist in the world. 2020 will be seen as a year we can reflect on, we have grown as a community together, and hopefully we can continue to grow for better change.”

Dua released her latest album, Future Nostalgia, during lockdown, with the record proving a massive hit, and she is gearing up to release Club Future Nostalgia: The Remix Album later this month. The remix record features celebrity guests such as Madonna, Gwen Stefani, and Missy Elliott.