Echo Children have released the first single from their much-anticipated second EP. Flowerbeds displays the band’s signature vocal harmonies, backed by a driving rhythm and cheerful guitar tones, which belie the melancholy story within the song.

Forced to rethink their release and video plans due to you-know-what, they have released the song with an animated Pixel-Art video, which sees Oliver, Niamh and Amanda transformed into a virtual band for you to enjoy from within your own isolation bubble!

Written from the perspective of an abandoned OnzO bike on the day that Lime scooters arrived on the streets of Auckland, the song captures a tragic moment of self-reflection: “Throw me by the roadside, I can feel my inner tubes deflate. That will be my last breath and this flowerbed will be my final resting place…”

“I empathise a lot with inanimate objects,” says the band’s songwriter and lead vocalist Oliver Young.

“I don’t know what that says about me.”

Echo Children recorded their upcoming five track EP with engineer Vivek Gabriel (Avantdale Bowling ClubMice on Stilts), building on the distinctive sound which they first showcased on their acclaimed debut EP, This Was Our Fault (2017).

The melding of Beach Boys-style psychedelic pop harmonies with sharp alt-country songwriting has made them a favourite in Tamaki Makaurau’s vibrant live music scene, and led to two successful tours of Aotearoa.

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