It’s often when we feel the world is crumbling around us that we search for meaning and beauty amongst the pieces. It’s in this pursuit that indie-folk duo The Brothers Landau’s David Landau (cello, vocals) and Daniel Landau (guitar, vocals, multi-instrumentals) shine, weaving introspection, inspiration, and a brotherly bond within a tapestry of graceful artistry, gentle melodies, and meticulously crafted soundscapes to help make sense of things.

The Brothers Landau · Haven’t Got A Name

Coming from a musical family, the Brothers were taught to love what they choose to do and to always put their whole hearts into it. In the lead-up to writing the collection of songs on the upcoming EP, Haven’t Got a Name, Daniel went through a personal crisis that led him to question giving up music. Wrestling with this life-changing shift caused him increasing dread, culminating in a harrowing night, waking up with an existential panic about who he is and what he would be without that piece of himself. Haven’t Got a Name bears the fruits of that turmoil, exploring topics including existentialism, moral dilemmas, how to live a good life, tensions, troubles, and what it means to be a person in today’s world.

In an age of headlines confronting us with new terrors worse than the last, the single creates a calming place to escape the day’s news. Gentle strumming circles the brothers’ baritone to bass vocals, sending solace that is sorely needed in our tumultuous time. “Haven’t Got A Name” is the title track off the upcoming EP due out on August 28.
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The upcoming EP, Haven’t Got A Name EP, is an introspective look into what it means to exist and how to coax negative emotions into a more inspiring self-reflection. Out August 28.

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