There’s an old saying, Go Big or Go Home.

Well, seeming that punks are known for being the last to go home, Punk It Up are pleased to announce they’re GOING BIG.

Due to the unforseen cancellation of the event on Feb 19 and 20 due to the government’s COVID restrictions, PIU have managed to book The Powerstation on Friday March 5 and Saturday March 6 in order to put on the weekend of shenanigans.

Most of the bands, including The Plague, No Tag, X-Features, and Sit Down In Front have been able to adjust their schedules to be able to play on these new dates, at this super new venue, and we hope current ticket holders can adjust their schedules too.

All current tickets are valid for the new dates, and Under The Radar will continue to sell tickets for this two-night spectacular, almost up until the first power-chord!

We’ve also managed to make sure we’ll have information and merchandise booths, as well as band merchandise etc, and it looks like we’ll also be able to have an after party as well.

Punk It Up – V

Friday 5th March @ The Powerstation

w/ The Plague, No Tag, X-Features, NASDAQ, bankRobbers

Tickets from Under The

Punk It Up – V

Saturday 6th March @ The Powerstation

Sit Down In Front, Contenders, Bludgers, Devils’ Got 9, No Tag (last ever show ever ever), bankRobbers

Tickets from Under The